#17: Do you have CTA-button to motivate users go further into the funnel?
CTA buttons perform a two faced task: guide the shoppers what's needed to be done next and taking them down the conversion funnel. That's why you should consider adding CTA-button into product category listing that will motivate users to click on it.
However, many ecommerce stores omit the CTA buttons assuming that users already know that they can click the product image / title to go to the product page.

When I A/B tested that idea and added CTA-buttons into product listings it always increased conversion rate and revenue that's why I recommend to add CTA-buttons.

But it's very important to add relevant CTA-button here. Nowadays many stores have "Add to cart" buttons. Ask yourself, when was the last time you added an item to your cart from the category page.

I guess that it's not popular purchasing behaviour when you add products to cart right from product categories. In the majority of use cases we need to read more information about a product before adding it to cart, that's why it's more relevant to take users to product page or show a modal with product details.

  • Add "View details", "Shop now", "Learn more" buttons that will take users to a product page;
  • Add "Quick view" button that will open modal window with a product details, so users will not need to go back and forth between product categories and product pages if they still looking for a desired product (it's relevant for Desktop devices).

Bad example from Cupshe:
They don't have any CTA-buttons even when I hover over product listings. They don't motivate shoppers to take further down the funnel.
Good example from Mavi:
They show Quick View button when I hover over product listings and from modal window I can add product to cart, but the problem is that they don't show any product details or product images there
Example from PuraVida:
They show Add To Cart button in each product listing for Mobile users (while for Desktop users they show it after hovering over a product listing). I didn't recommend to have Add to Cart action on this stage, but in their case it's reasonable, becasue they are selling cheap bracelets and jewelery and shoppers can purchase it even from product categories:
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