#10: Do you clearly show that shoppers can pay by installments and how much will it be per month? (if you have such payment option)
In the last years it became very popular to offer payments by installments, which makes easier for shoppers to buy expensive products without big one-time spendings. It's especially very relevant for stores that are selling high-priced items.
When shoppers are already on the cart page, they see the subtotal price and evaluate whether it worths it. They are trying to assess whether this is the right choice. And if they see significant subtotal price (let's say $400), It may seem too expensive for them and they will leave the website without making a purchase.

But if they see that you can pay by installments every month, for example, and each individual payment is very small, it will not be so intimidating for their budget anymore. It will be just a small payment, like a few cups of coffee.

As a result, it will be much easier for them to rationalize such purchase. Which eventually can significantly increase your conversion rate.

The most suitable place on cart page for this element is near the subtotal price and Checkout button.

Available payment by installments options:
  • Klarna;
  • AfterPay;
  • QuadPay;
  • DivideBuy;
  • Affirm.

Good example
Leesa promotes payments by installments on cart page right below Checkout button
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