#9: Do you show images of all available payment methods?
When shoppers are already on the cart page, they think about whether to proceed with checkout process. Showing them that they can pay with different payment methods can nudge them to the next step and reassure that they will be able to pay for the goods.
That's why it's important to show all available payment methods already on cart page, so when shoppers reach checkout process, they will clearly know which payment methods can be usedto pay for it. The easiest way to show it is to add image that will contain well-known icons of all payment methods you support.

Make sure that each icon of a payment method is big enough and in the commonly used colors commonly used, so users will clearly understand what is it.

Take into consideration, that if you have too many payment options (let's say 10), it doesn't make sense to show all of them. Display only icons of those payment methods that are frequently used (you can always see the stats in your account)
I think you feel the difference. Do not reinvent the wheel. Use what people are used to. Check bad and good examples below.

Bad example from Quadlockcase with black and grey icons instead of branded colors of payment methods:
Good examples LuxyHair and Adidas
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