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Shopify Store Review - Elo - Conversion Rate Optimization
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1. Collection page

No information on available colors and sizes for each product item. For example, this jacket is available in 3 different colors and only in S size, but users will never know that until they visit the product page. It seriously complicates the shopping process

Add sections with available colors and sizes in each product item on the collection pages

2. Collection page

No CTA-buttons on each product item. As practice shows, adding relevant CTA-buttons (i.e. Shop Now or View more images) increases CTR to product pages

Add relevant and prominent CTA-buttons on each product item on the collection pages (i.e Shop Now)

3. Collection page

No section with a star rating based on customer reviews. Social proof plays a significant role in the decision-making process. Star ratings clearly show if previous customers were satisfied with a product or not. If a product already has good reviews, you can show a star rating on a product item on the collection page.

Add star rating under the title of a product if it already has customer reviews.

I hope these recommendations will be useful to you. Feel free to ask any questions.

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