108 eCommerce Conversion Guidelines

• Verified by 1000+ A/B tests during 7 years

• Confirmed on successful 7-8 figure eCommerce stores

• Supported by 200 UX best practices and User Researches

• Contains A/B tests results in every Guideline

• Easy to implement

• Lifetime access at your disposal

is a package of 108 A/B tested and confirmed decisions how to easily increase conversion rate and revenue of your store
About the importance of feature in conversion rate
Helps you to realize how does it looks like in real stores and compare with your site
Due to actionable recommendation you can implement most of features by yourself
Good and bad examples
Actionable recommendations
A library of data's in every guidelines means than most of features are proven by a lot of tests
Links to easy implementing tools that are proven by our 5 years expirience
What do 108 Guidelines include?
A/B tests results
Links to additional tools
Required time, money, energy
Searching for a specialist
Site audit
Starts from 1000$
Required time and energy
Creating a hypotheses
Average CRO salary rate 50$/hour
Required time and energy
A/B testing
Usually takes for several months
Also required money and energy
Typical CRO process
Takes a lot of time for testing methods of implementation
Why does it a good offer?
You can do it by yourself
Whenever you want
It easily and accessibly for everyone
Audit using our Checklist
Implementation with our Guidelines
According to detailed guidelines it easy to implement for everyone
Even for non-specialist
NEW CRO process with our product
And now CRO is a process...
Without testing
We've already done all A/B tests with statistical significance not less than 95%!
Without wasting
Money, Time, Energy on searching for a specialist, audit, creating hypotheses, A/B testing.
Without longtime implementation
You've already had all tools to implement features inside
It's also useful with...
Here's what our happy customers say about the
108 Detailed Guidelines
There is nothing better than reviews from customers who have already taken advantage of it
Andrei has done a great job of wrapping of his extensive CRO experience into an easy to digest guide for every Shopify store owner. As an Ad Agency owner, these recommendations make me look like a guru, and my clients are excited about how actionable and well thought out the checklist is. Avoid paying a consultant and boost your UX and conversion rates.
Matt Ciniello
Owner of Digital Marketing agency - Mobile Moonshine
There are more value bombs in this list that I can ever think of. I also didn't realize that I have few mistakes on one of my clients website when I read and applied the ecommerce checklist. This list is a must for people who are starting out to build their ecommerce store, shopify developer, UI/UX designer etc. The paid checklist is the most detailed comprehensive list that I read. Thumbs up to Andrei.
Loreleen Mae Sablot
Shopify Expert - Make8Digital
I work on development and optimization of ecommerce sites on a daily basis. The guidelines of the checklist are definitely helpful – out of the 200+ points I have added several to my roadmap for implementation and testing.
Frank Tjin A Ton
Ecommerce Consultant, Owner of 8020Ecommerce Agency
As a conversion designer, I found Andrei's checklist as a super-useful tool while designing online stores. It helps me keep on track (and not forget anything) every important part that an online store needs to contain in order to convert well!

The checklist is a must for all designers out there who want their designs to perform well. I highly recommend it!
Jaka Šmid
Conversion Designer at Conversion.Design
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  • Explanation about the importance of a guideline
  • Good and bad examples (up to 6) for reference
  • Actionable recommendations of how to implement
  • A/B tests results
  • Links to additional resources/tools
  • Always updating

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