14.8% Revenue Increase by Removing all distracting elements
from Cart page
Shopify Customer: EuropeanBeautyallure (EuropeanBeautyNews)

Short Description of A/B test: Based on Heuristic analysis of Conversion funnel, we have figured out that Cart page was too cluttered with different elements, so there were too much distractions from main CTA-button.

After the first A/B test on this page, when we got 15.5% Revenue Uplift by removing secondary CTA-button "Continue Shopping", we decided to go further with simplification of this page by removing all other distracting elements.

Key Results:
  • 14.8% Revenue Increase
  • 11% Ecommerce Conversion Rate Increase
  • 26.8% Conversion Rate increase from Cart page to Checkout page

CRO toolkit used:
  • Heuristic Analysis
  • A/B testing with Visual Website Optimizer

Technical Details of A/B test:
  • Length: from 08.09.2017 to 15.09.2017
  • Targeting: All Mobile users that visited Cart page
  • A/B testing tool: Visual Website Optimizer integrated with Google Analytics
  • Statistical significance of results - 99%
  • Sample Size: 515 (Control) and 514 (Variation)
  • Number of Conversions (Transactions): 103 (Control) and 115 (Variation)
  • Number of Conversion (CTR of Checkout button): 222 and 281

EuropeanBeautyAllure (EuropeanBeautyNews) is a Shopify store selling mostly Lipsticks and other beauty products for customers in USA.

We started to work in September 2017 and it was the 2th A/B test that we decided to implement on this Shopify store.

A/B testing hypothesis:

After short Heuristic analysis we have noticed that Cart page is too cluttered with different secondary elements and CTA-buttons that distract users' attention from main CTA-button (Proceed to Checkout)

In addition to it we have successfully finished previous A/B test where we got 15.5% Revenue uplift by removing secondary CTA-button "Continue shopping"

Based on Heuristic analysis and results of previous A/B test, we expected that by removing all other distracting elements from Cart page, we will increase CTR of main CTA-button ("Get Special Discount"), Revenue and overall Ecommerce Conversion Rate.
Version of Cart page:
Control -
Variation (without distracting elements) -

w you can see testing variation of Cart page
Split-testing using Visual Website Optimizer

For A/B and Split testing we have chosen Visual Website Optimizer as it's one of the most powerful tool on the market and it can be easily integrated with Google Analytics for deep post-analysis.

All distracting elements were hidden using CSS styles in Visual Editor of VWO.
A/B-test was started on 08.09.2017 and was stopped on 15.09.2017.

As a result of this A/B-test, we increased:
1. Revenue by 14.8%
2. Ecommerce Conversion Rate by 11%
3. Conversion Rate from Cart page to Checkout page by 26.8%

Split-testing rules:
- Results for Conversion Rate from Cart page to Checkout page were 99% statistically significant
- Results for Ecommerce Conversion Rate were not statistically significant.
- A/B test was active within the whole week (7-days);
- A/B test was active within more than 2 Business Cycles (as 90% of all transactions happens on the first visit) ;
- Both variations had more than 100 Conversions

Learnings for further A/B tests:
1. We can increase CR by removing distracting elements around main CTA-button.
Ecommerce Data from Google Analytics report
Statistical Significance of A/B testing results
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