#35: Do you use scarcity triggers? (Relevant for stores with limited stock or limited offers)
When a product or service is limited in availability, then it becomes more attractive to shoppers. When they understand that it's limited and others also desire it, it creates fear of missing out, which persuade shoppers act fast.

Human psychology is such that we are prone to purchase something when we know that it's the very last one or that a special offer will expire soon.
If you have limited quantity of products or you have speical offers for certain quantity of products, then you must highlight that on product page. That way you will create sense of scarcity and persuade users act fast.

  • Place scarcity elements close to relevant sections: price, CTA-button;
  • Make it prominent (use different colors, size) enough, so users will take attention to it;
  • Highlight that certain product variants (colors, sizes) are already out of stock - it's a good way to show you that there is high demand for this product;
  • Don't create fake sense of scarcity. It can hurt your business in long run if you have many repeated customers.

Example from Walmart
They show "Only 2 left" near the price to create sense of urgency and motivate shoppers to purchase the product right now
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