#4: Do you have gallery with different product images?
Product gallery is another critical aspect of product page. If your main image entices your visitors, the next thing that we want users to do is to browse other product images. We are selling our products using images.
Guidelines for product galleries:
  • Images have the same background as main image to provide consistent experience (the same neutral background decrease cognitive load and allow users to focus on the product instead of busy background);
  • Images show your product from all relevant angles and product details;
  • Images show your product in use (lifestyle images) to invite an emotional response and allow users to imagine how they use it;
  • Images show your product compared to other objects if it's needed (i.e. furniture, jewelery, etc);
  • Images show your product closer and further;
  • There is no single advice about number of images: you just need to allow users to better visualize your products.

Example of product images in context:
If you are selling headphones, show images where someone is wearing it, so users can see real size of it and envision themselves wearing it.
Good example from Bose headphones
Example of product images to compare with other objects:
If you are selling furniture, show how it looks in rooms with other objects. It helps to decide of whether or not the product is a good fit for them.
Good example from Leesa mattresses
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