#31: Do you have short product description with key benefits of your product?
There are different types of customers, one needs to read all the detailed information about the product, while others need to read just a few short sentences about its benefits.

That's why it became quite popular for ecommerce stores to have short product descriptions with key benefits of features on top part of product pages.
Guidelines for that section:
  • Place it above the price and ATC button so that first users see the main benefits of the product, and only then make a purchase decision;
  • Keep it short: 1-2 sentences or a bullet-list with 3-5 short points;
  • Add "Read more" button / text for those who want to get more information;

The best source of insights about what should be added to this section is by getting user feedback. I usually added a poll with question "What's the biggest question you have about this product", then categorizied all replies, sorted it by popularity and then it became absolutely clear what should be added there.

Almost each time when I A/B tested such short product descriptions, it increased conversion rate by about 10%.

Example of short product description on Zwift website:
Example of short bullet-list with key benefits and features of product on DYLN:
It contains a lot of technical information about the bottle (insulation, steel), removal tool, pH information, handle, etc.
Example of short product description on Casper:
It contains information about 2 awards (Which? and Best Buy), pressure-relieving memory foam, contour cuts for comfort and support.
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