#20: Do you show customer reviews?
Customer reviews are playing significant role in ecommerce, because many consumers rely on product reviews and customer comments to decide whether to buy the product.
Amazon is a good example here, because they invested a lot of time and efforts to develop one of the most powerful reviews system and of course they rely heavily on it to convince users to buy products.

Guidelines for customer reviews:
  • Proactively ask for feedback from previous customers;
  • Motivate them to leave reviews by offering them some discounts or free gifts;
  • Collect and add as much specific information about reviewers as possible (name of customer, purchased product variant, real image of a purchase, time of purchase, if a reviews is verified or not, location, etc). The more specific information it will have, the more trustworthy it will be;
  • Place customer reviews section either above or below product description;
  • Show total rating;
  • Show number of total reviews;
  • Show number of reviews for each star rating;

Good example from Amazon:
They have the most powerful reviews engine, so use it as an inspiration
Another good example of detailed reviews from KKWBeauty:
They are selling different cosmetics and the first review for a product has name of the customer, shows that it's verified buyer, that she is 31-40 years old, highlight skin type, skin tone and eye color (which is important for their products), has date of review. It has so much specific information which eventually looks more trustworthy and persuading for shoppers.
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