#10: Does your main CTA-button(s) is the most prominent element on the screen?
The most desired action on product pages is when users add product to cart. That's why prominent CTA is one of the most essential parts of a product page. Without a CTA, the user experience dead ends when shoppers find the product they want to buy
Guidelines for CTA-buttons:
  • Unique color of the button that's very prominent compared with other elements on the screen;
  • It should color-contrast the background;
  • Sufficient white-space around it;
  • Big size of button, so it's easy to notice it and click on it;
  • Other elements around CTA-button don't have the same prominent colors

Bad example from TransformationProtein:
Add to cart button is not the most prominent element in visual hierarchy here
Good example of prominent CTA-button on Asos
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