#27: Is information about a product easy to read and scan?
Font size is not the only thing that impacts product readability. The way how you structure (the length of paragraphs, subtitles, bullet-lists, white-space, etc) all product information also significantly impacts it.
Guidelines for product information:
  • Use subtitles to highlight and separate different parts of information;
  • Use short paragraphs (up to 4 lines maximum);
  • Use bulleted and numbered lists;
  • Highlight the most important information with bolder font weight or with different design;
  • Use additional photography to draw the eye to the information

Let's compare previous example with comparison of KKWBeaty ( and Casper ( websites
Here it's another bad example with absolutely unstructured product information from SundaySomewhere website. There is no any structure for product information here.
You can easily notice how different product information is structured in both examples. Good structure of product information on Casper website makes it easy to read and scan, while it will be much more complex to do that on KKWBeauty or Sundaysomewhere product pages.
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