#15: Do you show how much shoppers save if you have products on sale?
If you put items on sale, be clear about the sale price and the discount. You should show much users will save due to that discount, both in percentage of savings and how much money they will exactly save.
If you don't show that information, shoppers will have to calculate how much the save and it will create additional cogntiive load which is not good. Don't make your users to think a lot. Instead of that provide them with already calculated information and just show them the benefits of sale.

Bad example:
SundaySomewhere just shows regular and discounted prices, without showing how much I save
Good example:
Etsy clearly shows "You save USD 2.20" and it's "20%" from usual price. I don't need to calculate it and I clearly see the benefits of today's sale that will end in 21 hours.
Good example:
You can see the same feature on Amazon. They show that right now I save $12.00 and 41%. Again, I don't have to calculate it. They did it for me, so I just should see value of the current sale.
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