#6: Does product gallery has actionable elements to engage with it?
Product image thumbnails motivate users to browse product images. But there is another important element that also motivates them to do that - arrows near main image: it works like a call-to-action to start browsing images.
It's very convenient for users, because they just need to click on left / right arrows to switch between all images, which significantly improves UX of product gallery. It works like directional cue which motivate users to click on it and browse more product images.

Just take into consideration that these arrows should be prominent enough in visual hierarchy on the screen to make it easy to spot it.
    There is no any call to actions to engage with product images on the left, while on the right we have clear left/right arrows to browser product gallery.
    Useful tools:
    Shopify app to show nice and functional image gallery with left / right arrows -
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