#28: If you offer free shipping, do you proactively promote it?
Free shipping is a good advantage in ecommerce. Ecommerce giants like Amazon made consumers used to such shipping conditions, so if you have free shipping, you should wisely and proactively promote it on product pages.
The majority of ecommerce stores are using site-wide banners on top of the screens to promote it. But the problem is that these banners are often missed by shoppers, as a result they don't know about this advantage.

Based on usability research by Baymard it was found that the best place for such information is near the "Buy" section (the "Buy" section is the area of the interface where users add a product to the cart, usually ended with an "Add to Cart" button).

Recommendations for free shipping promotion:
  • Use site-wide banner on the top of screens to promote free shipping on all pages of website;
  • Place additional information about free shipping near the ATC button

Good example from Leesa website:
They have "Made to order & ships FREE to your door" text right below ATC button:
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