#26: Is information about a product easy to read: does the font-size big enough?
If it's easy to read product information, then your shoppers will clearly understand if your product is right fit for them. But if it's not, then it can create a lot of unnecessary concerns in purchasing flow. That's why it's important to double check your product pages from this perspective both for big (Desktop) and small (Mobile) devices.
I would say that minimum font size is 16px. It will be easy to read texts with such size on Mobile devices (of course, it can be slightly increased for Desktop users).

Let's compare 2 product pages with different font-size and evaluate where the text is more readable.
It's absolutely clear that Casper's product information is much more readable. Also if you look at popular content websites (let's take Medium), you will notice that they use quite a big font size to make the texts readable, scannable and easy to consume.

Another one thing that is related to fonts is the contrast between background and font. If you have grey font on white background, then it will be harder to read such texts. If you have black font on white background, it will be much more readable.

So make sure that the you have strong contrast between background and font.
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