#18: Do you show express payment options that are widely-used by your target audience?
In the last years it became popular to include express payment buttons (Paypal, Amazon, Google Pay, Apple Pay) on different steps of the funnel (product page, cart page, in the beginning of checkout process)

These buttons simplify and speed up purchasing process. Also, such buttons like Paypal or Amazon (especially when we are talking about US audience) adds some sort of trust to the store.
That's why it's important show such buttons next to main CTA-buttons (like Add to cart buttons on product pages or Checkout buttons on cart page).

Also, I don't recommend to enable Google and Apple Pay buttons, because it's not widely used yet, but with too many payment options (let's say you have 4 alternative payment options: Paypal, Amazon, Google Pay and Apple Pay) you can create the paradox of choice (make it harder for people to make a decision).

Good example from a Shopify store:
I'm logged in Paypal in my browser, so below standard Add to cart button I see express buttion "Buy with Paypal" that significantly speed up purchasing process, as after Paypal I'm redirected to the shipping method step of Checkout with pre-filled contact information.
Additional information:
Guide from Shopify about dynamic checkout buttons -

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