#3: Do you have enticing main image?
One of the most important elements on product pages is the main image. Main image can entice users or turn them away, as it's one of the first touchpoint and it helps them decide whether to look further.
Living in a visual world, product photography makes or breaks the eCommerce game. A customer is more likely to enter a brick & mortar store if he sees something catchy from outside. The same goes for online stores.

Guidelines for the main image:
  • Product is centered on the image;
  • Full product is visible on the image;
  • White or light background;
  • Doesn't contain gratuitous or confusing additional objects;
  • It's a professional photo, with good quality and lighting.

Good example from Leesa website:
It shows the product in use and motivate you to invision how you are lying on it, it's very bright and even contains benefits of shopping (100 night trial, free shipping and made in USA):
Good example
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