#30: Do you explain benefits (not just features) in detailed product descriptions?
What are features? Features are defined as surface statements about your product, such as what it can do, its dimensions and specs and so on.

What are the benefits? Benefits show the end result of what a product can actually accomplish for a customer.

Benefits, not features - this is what really helps to sell a product to a customer. When you are selling any product, you are actually selling certain experience: your product can simplify life, save time or money, make people beautiful or healthier, etc.
Pockets on the front of a sweater is a feature; having a place for your keys and keeping your hands warm in the winter are both benefits.

When writing product descriptions, it's easy to go deep into the weeds on the specifications, like size, weight, battery life, etc. And while these things matter, the primary focus of your descriptions should be on how the products will benefit the consumer.

This means you need to know needs, problems, and desires of your target audience, as well as the language they use to describe those things. The copy for your product page should be written so that it addresses the needs, problems, and desires.

That's why it's important to tell an inspirational story in detailed product description that will show the benefits of a product, how it will make the customer's life better, how it will solve their problems.Of course, product descriptions should also contain information about the features, technical information, but they should not be limited only to this.

Example of great product description section that shows the benefits of the Prepdeck product first, then you can also find all tech details about the product:
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