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I'm doing conversion optimization for 5 years already and I clearly understand what works and what doesn't
Based on UX best practices and user researches
I constantly study UX research, read relevant articles and buy access to courses to understand how to improve conversion rate and revenue in ecommerce
What my previous clients say about my work?
Ondrej R.
Founder and CEO of Ecommerce stores
I worked with Andrei for 2.5 years, and throughout that journey, he helped my company to thrive thanks to his world-class CRO expertise. We wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for him continually pushing our conversion rates higher and higher.

It wasn't just the raw skills, though.

Andrei's attitude was unmatched by any other freelancer I hired to date. Andrei was a part of the team and treated the projects like he owned the business. I also enjoyed and learned a lot from him as we worked on the CRO projects closely.

Andrei's very detail-oriented and never misses a deadline. He may blow your mind with the level of detail he prepares his experiments.

Andrei is a legend, and I'm sure that whatever field he's going to pursue now, he's going to rock it.
Bulut S.
Ecommerce Strategy Consultant
Andrei is one of those rare professionals who go above and beyond to provide an amazing service, not just with his immense expertise in CRO but also great attention to detail, superb communication and responsiveness. Extremely satisfied with his work and will be absolutely working with him in the future.
Harel L.
Founder and CEO of Ecommerce Stores
Andrei is a great guy , he helped us to make a lot of A/B tests and some of them helped to increase conversion rate and revenue of the store
Dorian A.
CEO & Founder of Ecommerce store
Andrei has been a pleasure to work with so far, and due to his performance, we will be adding another job.
Daniel T.
Founding partner at Digital Agency
Andrei knows his stuff!
Katherine K.
Andrei is AMAZING. We cannot wait to work with him again. 5 stars
Get exclusive access to a detailed description of each guideline
It's FREE. You just need to fill in the form
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