#31: Do you show any urgency and scarcity triggers?
Want to create more demand for your products? Showcase that by adding urgency and scarcity triggers. This can mean stating that time is running out to get an offer, writing that something is in "limited supply," or that there are only a few products left. Due to that customers will be more likely to purchase from you right now.
Good example from KylieCosmetics:
They display "Low stock" badges on some products to stimulate demand for these products.
Good example from Decathlon:
They show text "Out of stock" on some products in the list to remind users that if they don't buy a product right now, it can become out of stock soon
Good example from PuraVida:
They display "Low stock" badges on some product cards
Good example from B&H:
The create sense of urgency by displaying "Offer ends Mar 28 at 11:59 PM EDT" below discounted prices
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