#28: Do you show trending and best selling items on the top of category page by default?
While browsing the sea of products on your site, shoppers can get lost in all of the options. By showing trending and best selling items on the top of product list you simplify the decision making process for them. Don't forget to highlight that these items are trending or best selling otherwise no one will never know it.
You can also place at the top of the list those products that you want to sell faster or those that bring you the most profit.

Bad example from Puravida:
All products in the top row have less than 10 reviews, so I guess that they are not the most popular among their shoppers, while below in the list there are products with hundreds of reviews which seems to be much more trending.
Good example from Amazon:
You can see that there they prioritize best selling products (look at how many reviews all these products have, while products with much fewer reviews are placed below) and show it on the top of product list:
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