#15: Do you offer sorting?
For some shoppers it's very important to be able to sort products based on attributes like price (low / high), highest rated items, best selling items, new items, discount amount, etc. This helps them to find the right product much faster. That's why it's important to have sorting feature on product categories.
It significantly improves the purchasing process for price sensitive shoppers (so they can sort items based on the price from low to high), for those who heavily rely on customer reviews (so they can sort products based on ratings of previous customers), for those who like to follow trends (so they can see the most trending, best selling or new items), etc.

When adding sorting feature to product categories do not overload it with unnecessary options. Show only those options that will be really helpful for your shoppers.

Bad example from HasbroPulse:
They show too many sorting options (Title: A-Z; Title: Z-A; Date: Old to New; Total reviews: low to high). I don't think that all these options do have any real value for shoppers.
Good example from Amazon:
Now compare it with Amazon where they promote only 4 really important options for their audience: Featured, Price: Low to High, Price: High to Low, Avg. Customer Review)
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