#23: Do you show all available variants of a product?
If you are selling products with different product variants, you must show that there are different variants available. If you don't show that information, shoppers will never know that a product has different attributes like color, type, etc.
This recommendation is very important for ecommerce stores that are selling clothes, shoes and other products that usually have different colors, sizes, etc. It's critical to display information about product variants, because without that shoppers will never know that a product has many different options.

Imagine that you want to buy sneakers of a certain color, but when you come to category page of ecommerce store, you see that all product images show another color and there are no color swatches that show other product variants. In that case, you might think that there are no sneakers of your favorite color here and just leave the website.

Mediocre example from BackCountry:
By default they don't show that there are different colors of products. They show it only when I hover over any product
While in Mobile version they show text "8 colors available" which is also better than nothing:
Good example from FashionNova:
They show standard color swatches, so it's clear that you can buy this product in different colors
Smart example from PeakDesign:
Instead of showing product swatches or adding any text about other product colors, they display main image with 4 different product variants
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