#11: Do you allow users to select a few filters at once?
In many cases, shoppers will want to apply multiple filters at once. And this is logical: they want to see only those products that match their desires and needs. If you don't allow to select multiple filters at once, shoppers will have to use them separately, as a result this will seriously complicate the search for the right product.
Imagine that you are selling sneakers. The first filter that can be applied by the majority of users is size, because it doesn't make any sense to browse sneakers that are not available in desired size. The second obvious filter is a color because many people prefer certain colors to match other clothes. And the last one is the maximum price.

If shoppers can use both filters at once, you will instantly show all products that can meet shoppers' needs and signfiicantly speed up the purchasing process. If filters don't work in that, you will create a lot of points of friction and make users to do a lot of unnecessary actions.

Bad example from Puravida:
Shoppers can choose only one option per filter, so I can't display both red and yellow bracelets at the same time. I will have to choose red color at first and then go back to filters and choose the next color
Bad example from Gymshark:
I can choose filter only one color at a time. Also, when I apply any filter, all others disappear, so I can't combine both Size and Color filters.
Good example from Smartwool:
I can use a few filters at once to show products that fits to all my requirements. The only drawback is that filters section has so poor design here.
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