#10: Does filter section prominent enough? (relevant for stores with many products where users prone to use filters)
If you want people to use filters, they must first notice them. When you hide filters under a button or if filters section is very obscure in visual hierarchy, no one will use it. If you want to encourage shoppers to use filters to find products faster, you have to make it prominent enough.
There are common rules for adding filters on product categories:
  • It should be visible above the fold, so when shoppers land on category page, they will instantly see that option for searching desired products;
  • It should be placed on the left side, just because people are already used to it, so don't break the pattern;
  • Separate section with filters from the rest of the page using colors, divider.

Bad example from Puravida:
Filters are hidden under the small button "Filter / Sort", so you can use them only if you notice that small text on the top right section
Good example from Amazon:
It's visible above the fold, it's placed on the left side, it's separated from other content with a vertical line.
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