#25: Do you show relevant number of products per row?
The more details should be visible in the product pictures (or the more product information you want to show), the larger the size of product cards should be and, accordingly, the less products will be visible on a single row. For visually driven products it's better to have 3-4 items in a row, while for technical products it can be decreased to 1-3 items per row.
Bad example from BeardBrand
There is no any sense to have such big images of bottles (there are no any specific details that should be visible on images), so they could show 5 products per row:
    Good example of visually driven products on Mavi:
    They know that it's important to show persons wearing their products with other clothes, that's why they have 3 products per row with big product images
    Good example from B&H:
    They are selling spec-driven products, so it's important to display many products details in each product card, as a result they prefer to show one product per row.
    Example of visually driven product from LuxyHair where details don't matter a lot:
    They just need to show the color of clip-ins and the length of it in product details, as a result they chose to have 5 products per line
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