#6: Do you show the number of products available in a category?
Usually a page can't show all the products that there are under a certain category. But every category page should show the total number of available products so shoppers will clearly understand how many options are available.
You need to display total number of products that are in a category because it sets right expectations for shoppers, so they know how large is the selection of products.

Usually this element placed above product list on the left side.

Bad example from Puravida:
They don't have any information about number of products per category
Bad example from Gymshark:
Gymshark doesn't show the number of items on a page, as a result it's not clear how many hoodies and jackets they have
Good example from Hershel:
Hershel shows in the top right corner that there are 95 items in Backpacks category, so shoppers clearly understand how wide the choice is.
Good example from Backcountry:
They display text "264 results" above the product list, on the left side
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