#12: Do you use relevant design (left or top bar) for filters section?
It depends on the number of filters. If you have a lot of filtering options, then you have to place filters on the left sidebar (most preferred option). If you have just a few filtering options, then you can use top horizontal bar above the product list.
You have to take into consideration that left sidebar are more popular in the web, so people are used to it. Also, in the left sidebar you can show much more information than in the top sidebar which makes it easier to use.

In overall, I would recommend to place filters in the left sidebar.

Look at the top sidebar on Mavi website:
There are only names of filters visible by default (gender, waist, length, etc).
Now compare it with Amazon filters:
Where you already see the most popular option for each filter, so you just click on it to see the products you need
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