#7: Do you offer filters? (relevant for stores with many products)
The more products you have in a category, the harder it will be to choose something, because it creates paradox of choice. So if you have many products on your store, then you must have filters on category pages.
If you have just a few dozens of products in the store, then this guideline is not relevant for you. It's not necessary to add filters, it will not give any value for shoppers.

But if you have at least hundreds of products per category, then filters are must-have. It will help users to find what they are looking for much faster. The worst thing is if your visitor cannot quickly find what he needs. In that case he will just bounce from the website and go to a competitor.

Bad example from FashionNova:
They have thousands of products on category pages, but there are no filters. I can't filter the activewear products by type, size and colors, which is essential for that category.
Bad example from GoodAmerican:
They have filters on category pages, but it's very hard to use it, as I can't scroll the filters section, so I see just "Type" filter and can't access all others:
Good example of filters on Hershel:
They know that there are 3 product attributes that are important to their customers, that's why they show filters for price, color and features of backpacks.
Good example from Kyliecosmetics:
The main product attribute for choosing lipstick is a color. That's why they show only Color filter on the left side bar to simplify searching.
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