#2: Do you use relevant category page design (Grid view or list view)?
If product images are the main factor in decision-making process of your target audience (i.e. jewelery store), then it's better to use grid view. If you are selling complex products with specific attributes (i.e. cameras, computers, printers, any complex devices), specs (i.e. power, battery, dimensions, etc) are much more important than visuals here, so it's better to use list view.
Grid view is more suitable for visual products because product images take the most attention here and improve scannability of product list. Also it allows to show more products per row. In case of visually driven products it's very important.

List view is more suitable for technical and complex products because it allows to add more details about each product, so it becomes easier for shoppers to decide if it's the right fit for them. As a result they can easily find what they are looking for without going back and forth between product list and product pages.

Grid view for visually driven products on FashionNova:
Grid view shows 5 products per row. Images are very big, because that's the main factor in decision making process of their target audience.
List view on B&H for technical products where product attributes are more important:
List view allows to show Key features section in each product listing with the most important information that is taken into consideration when shoppers are looking for desired product. Plus you can see additional elements like shipping information, compare button, wish list button, in stock notification, shipping calculator.
List view from Amazon:
I noticed that different product categories have different design: for cameras they show list view as it allows them to show more details, while for many other categories they show grid view
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