#24: Do you show badges on product image thumbnails?
While browsing the sea of products on your site, shoppers can get lost in all of the options. Adding "Best Seller", "New", "Trending" and other badges can help your visitors make decisions faster.
Usually there are a lot of products on product category pages, and this gives rise to a paradox of choice. This lead to shopper fatigue resulting in decreased revenue. When you are adding any badges, it helps these products stand out. Thanks to this, you can encourage shoppers to move faster through the sales funnel.

  • Add badges judiciously as having too many badges on the same screen will just add to clutter on the page and negate the highlighting benefits of adding a badge (i.e. if all products have "New" or "Best seller" badge, then it will be very suspicious);
  • Make badges noticeable enough for the eye to cling to them;
  • Use clear text on badges (i.e. Best Seller, New, Trending, Low stock, Featured,
  • Try starting with a handful of select products to validate the concept of badges for your site;

Bad example from Macy's:
They don't use any badges at all
Good example from KylieCosmetics:
They use so many different badges (New, Kylie's favorite, Low stock, Best of Beauty, etc) with unique and catching design.
Good example from Amazon with "Best Seller" badge:
Good example from Puravida:
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