#13: Do you auto-update product list when a filter is selected?
Don't make shoppers to do unnecessary actions. Apply filters and update product list right after any filter option was selected.
If you don't do that, each time when shoppers want to apply any filter option, they will have to do 2 actions: click on a filter and then click on "Apply" button. If they are going to apply many different filters, they will have to go through this process many times. And it's pointless. It's bad UX.

Instead, enable auto-update after any filter is selected. Eliminate all unnecessary actions in the purchasing process!

Bad example on Mavi:
Shoppers have to do so many unnecessary actions to apply filters here: click on a filter dropdown list → click on a filter option → click on "Apply" button
Good example from Decathlon:
Filters are visible by default on the left sidebar. When I click on any filter option, it's auto applied to product list. No need to do unnecessary actions. Awesome UX.
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