#19: Do you show short important information about products in product title or below it? (relevant for stores with spec-driven products)
When you are selling spec-driven products (usually it's technical goods), it's important to show the most important information about them on product categories. It's really useful for shoppers, because they will not have to go back and forth between categories and product pages. It will make easier and faster to find right product.
If there are any critical attributes of products that you are selling, it's important to show them. It will help users to define if a product fits to their requirements.

It should also be noted that some companies like to show product SKU, model numbers or any other information that doesn't bring any value to shoppers. Unless they usually search for it, don't add such details to product listings.

Good example from Backcountry:
Imagine that you are selling tents. In that case it's important to show for how many people each tent and for which seasons. That's what Backcountry is doing on their category page for tents:
Good example from B&H:
Now let's look at another example from B&H and their category page for Laser Printers. Instead of having just a descriptive product title (even though each product title already has some information like "All in one", "Multifunctional", etc), they also have bullet list in each product listing that highlight main features like (what it can do, print speed, print resolution, etc):
Good example from Leesa:
They know what's important for their shoppers: foam layers, pressure-relieving features, guarantee, etc. That's why all of these things are added to product listings.
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