#16: Do you use urgency triggers? (relevant for stores with discounts, special offers, next day shipping)
If you give your shoppers time to think, they can delay making purchases. Sometimes the delay will be short, sometimes it will be long so they even forget about the product and the offer altogether.

A very effective way of persuading users to make a purchase right now is by creating a sense of urgency. If you have any discounts or special offers in your store, you can always make them time limited and notify users about that. That way you will add sense of urgency.
If you already have any urgency triggers on product pages, adding the same elements on cart page will help to create consistent experience between these steps of purchasing process and will make it even more powerful and persuading.

  • Use countdown timers to show that an offer is time limited;
  • Place it close to relevant elements (if it's countdown timer for discounts, place it near discounted price; if it's timer for next day shipping, place it close to add to cart button or shipping information);
  • Don't create fake sense of urgency, especially if you have a lot of repeated customers. It can hurt your business in the long run.

Good example from Shapermint:
Shapermint show an urgency trigger on cart page (but it could be more powerful if they used the same countdown timer as they use to promote discounted price)
Good example of Countdown timer near Checkout button on Cart page
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