#21: Do you show estimated taxes? (if it's relevant for your store and shoppers)
Shoppers hate unexpected costs when they reach Checkout process. When they see subtotal price on cart page, they expect that it will remain the same on checkout process (except of shipping charges), but when they see any additional costs there, it creates a lot friction and frustration.
That's why it's important to set right expectations already on Cart page.

If you can show estimated amount of taxes (based on filled in zip code or based on geo IP), then it will be amazing experience and potential customers will not see a bad suprise on the next page.

But even if you can't calculate it, you should at least show that additional taxes will be calculated later on Checkout process.

Good example from Apple cart page:
They show estimated taxes based on Zip code
Good example from Leesa cart page:
They have TAX section with "TAX - Calculated at Checkout" text. They don't show the exact amount, since they don't ask for zip code, so can't calculate it, but they already set right expectations that some taxes can be applied to an order
Good example from Casper cart page:
They show that VAT is already included into subtotal price
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