#20: Do you show phone / email information or live chat for support?
It's hard to make shoppers trust you if you are not well known brand. One of the important factors here is to show clear contact information, so they will understand there are real people behind of the store and they are ready to help in case of any concerns or problems.
When thinking about different types of support, take into consideration that it significantly depends on target audience. For example, older audience prefers support via phone, while younger audience prefers live chats.

That's why it's important to have different options to contact you. Ideally it should be all 4 options:
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Live chat
  • Contact us form.

In that case all types of customers will be able to find the most comfortable way to talk with you.
Good example on Leesa cart page:
They show prominent "Call" button right on the sticky header on the top of the screen. It seems to be the most convenient way of support for their target audience (I guess that the main target audience for mattresses are adults
Good example from Purecycles cart page:
They have dedicated section with information about support via email and also they promote prominent live chat widget on the bottom of the screen.
But you have to be very careful with too aggressive promotion of online-chat. If your shoppers don't need a lot of support (let's say you are selling simple products with straightforward conditions), it can just irritate them and distract from purchasing.

I saw many examples when stores have pro-active live chats (when live chat window appears on the page with some welcome message or question) that just irritate the majority of shoppers that don't ask for any support.

So you should find the balance here.
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