#22: Do you have clean and uncluttered design of Cart page?
The more cluttered cart page, the more cognitive load your shoppers will have. The greater the cognitive load, the more difficult it is to make decisions. Therefore it's very important to have simple and clean design of cart page, that is not cluttered with many distracting elements.
General recommendations:
  • The most prominent button is Checkout button;
  • The background color is neutral: gray, white, not bright;
  • Product titles, variants, quantity, price are visible, but not big enough;
  • Subtotal price is clearly visible and the biggest among all prices;
  • All information is structured in logical way: product items, subtotal prices, CTA-button, alternative payment methods, additional important information;
  • There are no very outstanding elements that can distract users.

Bad examples of cart page structure and design:
Good examples of cart page structure and design:
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