#12: Do you show shipping costs on Cart page?
Based on Baymard's research, 64% of users look for shipping information on product page. I believe that percentage of shoppers that are looking for that information on cart page is even higher, as they are already one step closer to checkout. Therefore, you need to have shipping information on the cart page.
  • Show geo-targeted information if you can (i.e. "Shipping to UK" or "Shipping to New York")
  • Add shipping costs (if you have paid shipping, show the cheapest option)
  • Add delivery time (show that information if you have fast shipping. If deliver time takes more than 2 weeks, then it's better to show that information only on shipping method step)

Good example from Etsy cart page:
They show both geo-targeted info ("Shipping To Belarus") and shipping price "$12" right above Checkout button, so I already have clear expectations regarding to shipping conditions.
Good example from Shopify cart page:
Right under Subtotal price and above Checkout button I see that shipping is free. This could be improved by adding geo-targeted information "Shipping to Belarus" and flag of the country instead of "Shipping".
Useful tools:
IP Geolocation for personalization -
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