#14: Do you show information about Returns, Refunds, Money back guarantee?
If shoppers understand that they don't have any risks when purchasing your products, then it will be much easier for them to complete order. If they understand that they can easily get a refund and return or exchange an item, it can decrease the fears associated with shopping on your website.
That's why it's important to clearly show that they are in safe hands, there are no any risks here and they always can get their money back and return or exchange their order.

  • This can be implemented like a section with icons and short texts below it or like bigger section with more detailed information about these things;
  • It's better to place it somewhere close to main CTA-button, for example below the button;
  • Don't make it too prominent, so it will not distract users from CTA-button, but at the same time, it should be easy to scan and read it.

Good example from PureCycles:
They have dedicated section about Returns, Exchanges and Warranty below Checkout button on the cart page
Good example from Luxyhair:
They have dedicated section with 4 lines of different persuading elements about free shipping, exchange and returns, customer support and secure checkout below Checkout button. All these elements are there to convince the buyer that he has nothing to worry about.
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