#1: Do you have persistent shopping cart that saves the information for the customer's next visit?
Many buyers begin the purchase process, but do not finish it in one session, especially Mobile users when they use a smartphone and often interrupted by various distractions. As a result, if you don't have persistent shopping cart, such buyers will have to start shopping from the beginning next time.
Based on my observations, many ecommerce platforms (like Shopify) already have persistent shopping carts by default. But I recently noticed that Magento 2 doesn't have such default settings, maybe other platforms too.

So it worths to check if you save items in the cart. Ideally it should be saved for at least 30 days, but you can set 365 days, which will definitely be enough

Bad example from
That's what I see when I return to my cart after 12 hours, it's empty and I need to start shopping again instead of going to Checkout process
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