#13: Do you motivate users to shop more products if you have free shipping after certain threshold?
The majority of ecommerce stores offer free shipping after certain threshold. In this case, free shipping works as an additional incentive to buy more products and can significantly improve average order value and revenue of a store.
But in this case, it is very important to correctly promote it and make sure that shoppers know and understand how to get free shipping and when they are already eligible to it.

  • Promote free shipping after threshold on sitewide banner on the top of all screens;
  • Promote free shipping after threshold near CTA-buttons (on product page near ATC button);
  • When shoppers add products to cart, they should see how much else they should spend to get free shipping (it will motivate them to shop more);
  • When shoppers added enough products to cart, they should see prominent notification that now they're eligible for free shipping (it should be both in top notification and in shipping information near CTA-button, it will work like a happy moment for shoppers in a purchasing flow).

Good example of sitewide banner on the top of the screen:
It shows how much I should spend to get free shipping. It works like an additional trigger to shop more products. As a result it increase Average Order Value and Revenue.
Example of notification that congratulate shopper about free shipping
As you can see it's promoted both on the top notification and below Subtotal price to make sure that a shopper will notice it.
Another example of notification about free shipping when you reached free shipping threshold on
It's promote again in 2 places above the product and below subtotal price
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