#8: Do you show alternative payment options below main CTA-button?
In recent years it became very popular to add express checkout buttons (Paypal, Amazon, Google Pay, etc) on Cart pages of ecommerce stores and there are a lot of obvious reasons why that happened.

Firstly, it greatly simplifies the checkout process for those shoppers that already used to pay with these payment options (usually, contact forms on the store are auto populated based on the data that is already saved in the account in a payment system).
Secondly, the shopper already sees the available payment options in the basket. Third, well-known and secure payment methods affect shoppers' sense of security and trust to a store.

That's why you should certainly show express payment buttons on Cart page. But don't prioritize it over standard Checkout button. Standard checkout button is the main call to action. Alternative payment options are secondary elements.

Here it's a good example of both Paypal and Amazon buttons visible on cart page:
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