#6: Is main CTA-button the most prominent element on the screen?
The most desired action on cart page is when users proceed to Checkout. That's why prominent CTA is the most essential part of cart page. Without a CTA, the user experience dead ends when shoppers are ready to proceed to checkout.
Guidelines for CTA-button:
  • Unique color of the button that's very prominent compared with other elements on the screen;
  • The same color of the button that was on the previous step of funnel (product page) - keep consistence experience in terms of design;
  • It should color-contrast the background;
  • Sufficient white-space around it;
  • Big size of button, so it's easy to notice it and click on it
If you compare both examples, you will notice that the Checkout button on FashionNova has the same color as cart header and that breakes desired visual hierarchy when main CTA-button is the most prominent element on the screen.

Now take a look at the Casper's example, where Checkout button is the most prominent element and there are no any other elements on the page with similar bright colors.
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