#18: Do you have relevant cross-sell or upsell section?
This is a controversial thing and this, of course, is not suitable for all stores. But if done wisely and in a suitable context, it can significantly increase average order value and overall revenue.
It's certainly not suitable for stores with very different products (usually, it's dropshipping stores) where users come directly to specific product page and the main goal there is to streamline the purchasing process.

It will also not work in stores where there are no products that complement each other well. It will not work because cross-sell and up-sell promotions will distract users from simple purchasing flow.

But at the same time it can work in many other cases. For example, if you are selling similar products, let's say different jewelery (rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets), if shopper already has a necklace in the shopping cart, you can show other matching products to it, which will be very relevant in that case. Or if you are selling quite expensive devices, you can easily cross-sell complementy accessories to it, which will be very contextual promotion.

  • Don't make it too pushy and distracting from Checkout button. Anyway, the main goal for us is to push users further down the funnel. Cross-sell promotion is secondary action and it will be interesting just for a small percentage of users.
  • Make sure that promoted products are relevant to what shopper already has in the shopping cart.
  • Make sure that promoted products are cheaper than main product (ideally it should be about 20-30% compared with the current subtotal price)
  • Don't promote to many options. It will create paradox of choice. A few relevant products will be enough.

Good example of cross-selling on Leesa cart page:
I'm buying a mattress and they are offering a bed frame to me
Good example from Puravida:
They promote Mystery ring and Mystery bracelet on Cart page with simple "Add" button. It's like some sort of surprise that can be added to the order. Smart idea!
Good example from Casper:
I'm buying expensive mattress for $400 and the trying to cross-sell a cheap pillow for $65.
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