#19: Do you have Continue Shopping button on Cart page? (relevant for stores with many complementary products)
If you are selling just one or a few items in your store, it's not relevant for you. But if you are selling hundreds of similar or complementary items or you just want to motivate shoppers to browse more products, this advice can be valuable and can increase average order value and total revenue.
  • If you have just one or a few products in your store, get rid of continue shopping button at all. It will just distract users without giving any value for them and for you;
  • If you have many products and it can be valuable for shoppers to browse and purchase additional products, then add continue shopping button to cart page;
  • Remeber, that it's secondary action that will be used only by a small portion of your shoppers, so don't make it too prominent. Ideally it should be just clickable text (see examples below);
  • Send users to the page where it will be easy to start shopping other products (i.e. it can be collection with the best selling products or collection with complementary products to what shopper already has in the cart).

Good example from Quadlockcase cart page:
They show a not very noticeable Continue Shopping button
Another good example from Hauser store:
Shopify guide
How to add Continue shopping button on Cart page -
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