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Ecommerce Checklist To Review Your Store And Increase Conversion Rate & Revenue

Ecommerce Conversion Checklist
• 108 actionable guidelines based on 1000+ A/B tests

• Tested on successful 7-8 figure Shopify stores

• Contains good and bad examples to know what to do

Use this ecommerce checklist to review your store

It's easy to miss important things, as a result your store doesn't perform well.
A 108-point Ecommerce Conversion checklist will help you to avoid that.
Ecommerce Conversion Checklist
For store owners
Ecommerce Conversion Checklist
For designers
Ecommerce Conversion Checklist
For marketers

108 Actionable Guidelines For Your Ecommerce Store

35 Product page guidelines
Your product page is the most important page on your site.

Build your product page effectively and you will increase revenue. Fail to do that, and you marketing efforts will fall short of goal.
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22 Cart page guidelines
The average cart abandonment rate is about 60-70%. 5-7 people out of 10 will abandon their cart in your store.

High cart abandonment rate can easily cripple your business
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33 Category page guidelines
Category pages are the main navigational points across your products.

If it doesn't contain all needed information and don't persuade users to go to the next stage of funnel, it will be hard to grow your business.
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18 Homepage guidelines
Your homepage is the introduction of your brand. It's the starting point for many users and it should navigate them to find what they need.

If you fail here, it will be hard to persuade users to shop from you.
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Why does Ecommerce Checklist work?

  • 1
    It helped to grow 7-8 figure businesses for my clients
    I used and tested these guidelines to double revenue and conversion rate of my clients' stores
  • 2
    Based on 1000+ A/B tests on different ecommerce stores
    I worked with dozens of stores and launched hundreds of experiments confirming these guidelines
  • 3
    Based on 5 years of experience in conversion optimization
    I'm doing conversion optimization for 5 years already and I clearly understand what works and what doesn't
  • 4
    Based on UX best practices and user researches
    I constantly study UX research, read relevant articles and buy access to courses to understand how to improve conversion rate and revenue in ecommerce

How to use Ecommerce Checklist

Follow these step-by-step recommendations to get the most value from the checklist
  • 1
    Install Free Chrome Extension
  • 2
    Go to your website and open relevant page
    I recommend to start from the most important pages: product and cart pages. These pages usually have the most problems.
  • 3
    Click on Chrome Extension and choose category of guidelines
    If you are on a product page, then choose product page guidelines. If you are on cart page, then choose cart page guidelines.
  • 4
    Go through the list one by one and check if you meet a guideline
    If you don't meet a guideline or not sure in it, click on "Read more" to see more details about it and get actionable recommendations with bad and good examples

    Important: Detailed guidelines are available only in the Paid version of the Checklist

    Get Access to Full Guidelines
  • 5
    Follow recommendations and implement changes
    The most important part of the process!
    If you see a problem, you should fix it. Often you can do that yourself. If that's not the case, ask or hire developer to do that.
  • 6
    Enjoy increased profits and conversions!
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